Many businesses underestimate the power of video blogging, or vlogging as it is traditionally called in the industry. A video blog will offer an entirely new dimension in communication and promotion of your company that goes a step above and beyond a conventional image and text blog. Moreover, industry analysts say that video is quickly becoming the go to medium to communicate with customers and garner new business. Video blogging has also proven time and time again to increase exposure and revenue. In addition, video blogging is less expensive than other forms of video advertising, and it is relatively easy. Here are 5 benefits of video blogging for your business.

  1. For one, video blogging offers an excellent opportunity to show customers, or people who might be interested in your business, how a specific product or service works. The can be especially important if your product has multiple parts or if your service is a little too complicated to explain in simple writing. If customers receive your product in the mail, instead of having instructions in the packaging, why not provide a link that can direct them to your vlog. In most cases, video instructions are a lot easier to understand than complicated diagrams.
  2. Video blogging also offers the ability for a company to directly communicate with consumers. If you are a new business or have a new product or service and want to reach out to potential customers it is recommended to create some sort of video message from the company founder or CEO. Instead of writing a message, it is a lot more personable to broadcast a video message. In this day and age, people would much rather see a face than some unconvincing blog message from a ghostwriter.
  3. Another huge benefit of video blogging or vlogging is that you can embed links in the video where people can click and purchase products or services. With a lot of the new video hosting platforms that people use for blogs, technology has advanced to the point where you can now designate active links inside the video. If you make a video featuring a new product people can click and buy directly from the video, which can hugely increase revenue.
  4. Also, video blogging is excellent for a business’ social media strategy. A great way to promote your business is to create a video message or commercial, post it on your vlog, and then provide links for people to share the video on their social media platforms. This can provide a business with an amazing opportunity for viral exposure, because if the video is successful there is no end to how many times people will share it with their friends.
  5. Lastly, video blogging is a great way to share general news and information about your company. With simplest of video equipment you can designate anyone within the company with a congenial and jovial personality to be the “face” of the company. Whenever there is a new product or a change in the company you can have them create a short video message and post it on the vlog. The key is to make it short and interesting so that people want to keep watching the videos. If you can create a formula to keep people coming back, you just might have a successful video blog on your hands.