You have a new business and you need to create the dreaded business plan. The problem is you have never even seen a business plan in your life. You do not have the slightest clue how to go about it. Enloop is designed for you. They offer both a free version and a paid version. The free version offers 1 business plan and a 3-year forecast of financial reports. It creates a PDF and allows 3 Financial Ratio Analysis. The process is a step-by-step guide for the novice. The end product is a plan that can be used with banks, investors, and any other presentations of your company and vision.


If you have enough of the limitations that are implicit in slideshow software for presentations, then you need to explore other alternatives, such as Prezi. Its concept is to include in one page the entire presentation and to guide the viewer’s eye to specific elements or messages. You can even spin the board around and show an element that was upside down, right-side up. The fly-by feeling of this presentation does break the monotony for now. If it catches on, it may become as mundane as slide transition effects. For now, it’s worth a try.


Easel.ly is not such a good name, since many are likely to misspell it. However, the product is simply amazing. The collection of objects is stunning. The themes are plenty. You can quickly pump out an info-graphics for your business. The interface allows for thorough customization. You will be able to start with most of your work done through the themes and object, then spend a bit more time to have an original info-graphics.


You may have tried many of those project management programs only to grow quickly frustrated at the learning curve. You almost need a degree to figure what they are and how to use them properly for a business project. Trello solves this problem. The learning curve is short and shallow. You can jump in and create lists that represent stages of progression and cards that represent tasks. It is all drag and drop, so you can build it visually. This is a program which really is a joy to use.

SEO Toolbar

This is a suite of free programs designed to run inside Firefox. They really do a lot of your SEO work for you. If you do not have much RAM or you have other problems that slow down your computer or your Internet browsing, then this suite is not for you. It can be a bit of a memory hog. The suite consists of Rank Checker, SEO Toolbar, and SEO for Firefox. Rank Checker checks the rankings on Google, Yahoo, and Bing of the site you are viewing. It can be your own or your competition’s or a client’s. SEO Toolbar allows you to compare sites, access many keyword tools directly, and gives you a lot of competitive data.

SEO Quake

If you need to know SEO on every single link in your Google searches and you want so much fanatical control, then SEO Quake is your baby. Install it and view links to all kinds of SEO goodies right under each search result in Google. Click any of the SEO links for more information. It is quite easy, but can drag the performance of your browsing down to a creeping stand still now and then. Install with caution.

The Final Word

Cool Tools abound and we have found a great little collection so far. Keep watching for more entries to our Cool Tools series. You are bound to find many surprises and gems in our collection. You will want to organize your bookmarks to mark these where you will be able to easily find them again for your pleasure and use.