No one enjoys waking up to find their blog has been hacked while they were dreaming of greener pastures. You read about it in the news or hear stories from friends, never thinking it could happen to you. In fact, it is a nightmare when it does happen.

Blogger already has pretty secure servers. So at least you do not have to worry about that. However, there are still some features of security that lie within your sphere of influence. You must take security more seriously, because when it fails you will waste so much more time that it would take you to do it right the first time.

Secure Password

Never use a password that contains dictionary words or real words in any language. Hackers do use foreign dictionaries and many hackers are foreigners. So trying to outsmart them by using an Arabic word or Polish will not thwart their efforts to rape your site.

Use a password generator that can handle 50-character passwords and that generates the password 100% on the client side. That way no critical information is sent across the internet.

Remember to not save your password in any program (not even your browser or a document file) on your computer. If it is on your computer, it can be stolen and cracked.

Keep it Secret, Keep it Safe!

Avoid giving anyone any idea what the email address is that you use to sign in with. If possible, do not use one that includes your real name, or someone will guess it. Instead, create a new email based on 8 random characters, made from upper and lower-case letters, mixed with numbers. Never use a real word in it. Create a second one in the same way and put them together with a dot separating them, just like you would with a real first and last name in an email address. Now you have an unguessable email address. I guarantee no one else will have already reserved your address, so it will be available, since it is random.

Doing the Texas 2-step

By enabling 2-step verification with Google, you will add another layer of security to your Google applications. When you enable this feature Google will send you a special secret code by SMS or voice message on your phone. You will enter this after entering your username and password to sign in. There is no way hackers would be able to steal our username, password, and your mobile phone.

Never Grant Admin to Others

Whenever you grant admin rights to another person, you are saying you trust them to behave as you would like them to. How many people do you really know who you could trust to do this? Imagine you are going to give this access to a friend you met online. Sure, you have known them for a virtual year, but you have never met them face to face. They might be a perverted middle aged woman bent on destroying every man they can gain access to. You are no different. She poses as a young woman or as a guy your own age, but she is a spider waiting to bite you in the derriere. Be careful who you trust.

Always Close the Door and Lock it When You Leave

Would you leave your door unlocked and even opened wide when leaving your home? Why not? Of course, because anyone can come along and enter, stealing you blind. So why do you do this with your Blogger site? Close your door and lock it. Log out every time you leave your site.