Blogging is one of the most popular means of self expression in the world today. Writers, business owners, reporters and passionate people from all walks of life are taking to the blogging world to write with complete freedom. The restrictions of editors and the difficulty of dealing with publishers are now relics of the past for many ambitious writers. However, it is often difficult and confusing to measure a blog’s popularity on the web. Here are 5 easy ways to track your blog’s growth and measure the waves you’re making.

  1. Use Your Free Tools
    Most blogging platforms offer some kind of free tools that you can use to get some idea of your blog’s popularity. Whether you’re publishing through WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, or any of the other most popular services, check your account’s control panel for statistics. You should be able to get general traffic information from here, which will give you some idea of the amount of hits your blog is getting on a regular basis.
  2. Sign Up for Google Analytics
    For webmasters and bloggers alike, the tool package provided by Google Analytics is practically a necessity today. Google Analytics provides you with the best free service available for tracking and managing your website’s growth and popularity. You can figure out where your readers are coming from, and what links are leading them to your blog. Best of all, you can also sign up for email alerts that will notify you of web activity relevant to your site.
  3. Check In with Alexa
    For the bigger names in the blogging world, one of the best ways to track popularity and get information on competitors is through the Alexa web service. This website ranks your blog among other relevant pages to give an idea of your global popularity. You can find out lots of valuable information about your own traffic by running a search through Alexa, and you can pick up your competitors’ statistics as well. Find out what they’re doing to increase popularity so you can respond in kind.
  4. Track Your Shares
    Social media is endlessly important in any kind of online marketing, and that goes double for blogs. Using your own social media accounts to stay on top of shares and trending is one way to manage your popularity in the social media world, but that quickly becomes a tiresome and convoluted effort. Topsy is a great web service that allows you to search for your posts and find sharing statistics to see how far they’ve gotten. Whether you’re writing doctor reviews or fashion news, Topsy is a great way to keep track of social media shares.
  5. Tune In to Technorati
    Measuring your own popularity is infinitely easier when you’re tuned into the blogging world’s main channels. Technorati is a popular blog search engine that can show you important information about your blog’s popularity. Find out how which of your articles are coming up higher in searches, and find other bloggers who are referencing and linking you. Use this and other great tools to track your blog’s popularity and see what you can do to grow your audience.