As computing gets increasingly mobile, we no longer have to sit glued the large clunky desktop computers that are connected to power outlets and Internet jacks with unsightly cables.

Today, I can access my email, watch videos, and visit my favorite social media site with great ease from my handheld device or from my laptop. The new problem that takes birth now is about media in which one would store one’s favorite movies and other entertainment programs that are stored on DVDs.

Luckily, there is a neat and elegant solution. Here is a nifty little software tool that I like a lot, and it seems to do the trick. I am referring to the WinX DVD Ripper Platinum, which at this point of time is in its version 6.9.0.

The beauty of this easy to use software is that you can easily get high quality backups of your DVDs. These backups can be viewed on the device of your choice. So, you could load the DVD movie on to a pen-drive to view on your laptop whenever you choose. Alternatively, you could transfer this to your smart phone, such as the iPhone, the Samsung Galaxy Note (this is the one I use), or for that matter any other device that can play movies.

And this is no ordinary piece of software. It is able to convert your DVD movies into a wide range of formats. Want to watch the movie on a Mac, no problem. Prefer to play it on your smart phone? That will work too. Want to view it on the iPod, iPad, Apple TV, or whatever your favorite device, this will work on that machine. How is that for extreme convenience and ease of use? Truly, this is a killer-app that is a flagship product in this era of keeping customer value at the heart of matters.

I have been in touch with the makers of this software and they have informed me of an exciting new offer that they have running at present: They have a back to school offer and giveaway going on for a limited time only. And this new is especially good because: despite being a back to school offer, the fruits of this deal are not available only to students.

So what are you waiting for? If you always wanted to make a backup of your DVDs, you now know what to do.