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Xmarks provides seamless bookmark synchronization between your computers and browsers via their synchronization server. Xmarks is one of my most favorite firefox and it’s one of the best one available! I guess there is no firefox user without using this add-on.

I got a “Proxy Configuration Error” last time when I synchronized my firefox bookmarks using Xmarks. I think it was due to the firefox upgradation I have done the previous day. But I got it fixed finally. If you too come across this error, open your firefox and just go through the following steps:

Open Tools – select Options – go to Advanced section – Network tab – click Settings button – select No proxy – then save your settings


Firefox Upgrade - Xmarks Proxy Configuration Error

Firefox Upgrade - Xmarks Proxy Configuration Error

I know it’s simple and most of you might be knowing it. I hope some are out there still looking for the solution. 😀