10+ Best Free Photo Gallery Blogger Templates

Best Photo Gallery Blogger Templates

Following are some of the best blogger themes I have found which are specially meant for photo-blogging or portfolio-showcases:

Enjoy Photo-Blogging!


  1. HyBrid gallery is my favorite one, thanks for great collection

  2. @David
    My favorite is the first two. They are loading pretty faster! Happy that you liked these collections. Thanks for dropping by.

  3. Excellent collections i've ever seen…

  4. Nice shearing. A beautiful collection of photo gallery blogger templates. Thanks.

  5. Really great i wast just thinking about a photo blog theme and i got it…….. thanks for your time action.

  6. nice collections… i am using one of this templates.. nice look.. thanks.. keep helping us..

  7. nice list …
    i think myshowcase looks good …
    checking it out now …
    thanks for sharing …

  8. Nice collection Thanks..

  9. Pretty nice selection. These Gallery templates are perfect to build a flash games website too!

  10. saya ingin menggunakan template simplex portfolio, yang ingin saya tanyakan adalah Berapa maksimal resolusi image yang bisa saya upload ke blog saya tersebut? mohon di bantu, maklum baru baru :)

  11. One more free service with blog photo templates QuickGallery.com

  12. Thanks brother, this is really usefull templates for photoblog like mine which has only images.

  13. nice collection for templates…thanks for sharing …:)

  14. Great collection! The last one is awesome template. Thank you very much!

  15. Nice templates but alas not for blogger!

  16. Thanks for review…I downloaded a template

  17. @Safwan
    All the templates listed above are meant for Blogger(blogspot) and for bloggers too:)

  18. Thank you so much for these great templates i am going to download one of these for my blog :)

  19. great,… nice… thanks

  20. Great templates! Thanks for share!

  21. its’ nice gallery.thanks for sharing

  22. good site good Article.

  23. Awesome compilation. I’m looking for an idea for my future photography blog.

  24. nice templates..

  25. I am looking for a photo gallery like http://www.alpha-phi-alpha.com/Page.php?id=82 where as the slideshow is scrolling the photos give the illusion of enlarging. Do you know where I can find a photo gallery code like this?

    Michael D.

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